TARA generates human relevant data to enable faster, safer, and more accurate development of new treatments. Our platform can reduce cost and increase the success of important new medicines reaching patients.

Cardiac Drug Discovery

We generate disease models from stem cells, enabling discovery of new medicines for heart conditions.

Cardiac Safety

Our cardiac tissue models reliably represent adult human hearts when applied to drug testing. We can accurately identify cardiovascular complications.

Precision Cardiology

Our platform can be used to create custom cardiac models tailored to a single person, allowing for personalized health and treatment.


VantAI and TARA Biosystems Partner to Discover New Medicines

NEW YORK, NY - (EurekAlert) - VantAI and TARA Biosystems today announced the launch of a biology-driven, AI-enabled collaboration for accelerated cardiac drug development. The partnership will leverage TARA’s…


TARA Biosystems Report Study Results Demonstrating In Vitro Cardiac Biology Model Mimics Human Drug Response

NEW YORK, NY - (EurekAlert) - TARA Biosystems today reported study results demonstrating the ability of TARA’s in vitro human cardiac models to reproduce drug responses similar to those observed…


TARA Biosystems Announces $10 Million Series A2 Financing to Expand its Cardiac Disease Drug Discovery and Development Capabilities

NEW YORK, NY - (BUSINESS WIRE) - TARA Biosystems, Inc., a company generating in vitro human biology to increase the success of cardiac disease drug discovery and development, today…


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