New York City's Burgeoning Biotech Industry

December 7, 2016. New buildings on the East Side of Manhattan are signs of life of the city's foray into a new economy, its burgeoning biotech industry. NY1's Erin Billups filed the following report. New York is known for many things. The biotech industry is not one of them. But that …


BBC World News Interviews TARA Biosystems Founder

Need a new body part? New blood? New bone, new heart? Well in the future you may be able to order one. Scientists and technologists are working towards a bio-engineered future where new tissues and new organs could be made to order. We are looking at the start of …


Interview with Founder of TARA Biosystems.

April 28, 2016. biomedical engineering postdocs who trick skin cells into becoming stem cells, from which tissue engineers grow miniature versions of human organs that can safely screen new drugs and treat diseases. Think: organ on a chip. read more