Cardiac drug discovery

We can generate human-relevant tissue from stem cells. Our platform enables testing of new medicines for heart conditions.

Directly measure force and rate of contraction

TARA’s Cardiotype assays have been validated with a large panel of inotropes. We can measure the important parameters of contraction including force and kinetics in a dose-dependent manner.

Evaluate healthy and patient-derived cardiac biology

Cardiotype tissues can be generated from both healthy subjects and patients. We can utilize iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes from commercial sources as well as your proprietary cell lines.

Applications for drug development

We can support all aspects of the drug discovery process, including target validation, compound optimization, biomarker identification & validation, and preclinical safety assessment.

Supporting Information

Take a deeper look at Cardiotype and cardiac drug discovery at TARA.

Whitepaper: Cardiac Drug Discovery Reignited

TARA pioneers new tools to unlock genetically defined diseases

Cardiotype Drug Discovery Data Modules

Learn how TARA is transforming the drug discovery paradigm for heart disease


Cardiotype is TARA’s mature cardiac tissue engineered from induced-pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). It reproduces the physiological hallmarks of the human heart and provides an integrated analysis of cardiac function, with both healthy and diseased models. Learn if your novel compound is safe.

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