Biowire™ II Platform

Our Biowire™ II platform applies biomimetic stimulation to produce engineered cardiac tissue with unprecedented adult-like human physiology. Our tissues overcome the limitations of current technology by more accurately & more quickly predicting the efficacy & safety of new medicines in early development.


We engineer mature heart tissue from induced-pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived cardiomyocytes. Our platform can utilize any iPSC-derived cardiomyocyte cell line.


Our Biowire™ II platform applies biomimetic electrical and mechanical stimulation to cardiomyocytes, driving them to a mature phenotype.


Cardiotype tissues accurately represent heart muscle from human adults. This enabled testing of changes in human heart function without human testing.


TARA can measure heart function to understand changes surrounding the heartbeat and the calcium handling driving it.

Biowire™ II in action

Cardiotype tissues are suspended over a well on two polymer wires. When they contract, they pull on the wires to produce a measurable deflection. We translate this deflection to features of heartbeat, like the force and duration of a beat. We can then understand the effect new medicines may have on the heart.

Cardiotype™ tissue maturity

Cardiotype tissues reproduce adult heart physiology through indicators like contractility, electrophysiology, and structure. Animal models and alternative in vitro platforms are unable to mimic the human heart to this extent. See six key markers of maturity here.

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