Cardiac safety

TARA’s human-relevant cardiac tissue can be utilized for safety testing. It can reliably identify cardiovascular complications, leading to a faster, safer, and less costly development process.

Integrated safety evaluation in a single study

New drug candidates can be evaluated for changes in contractility, calcium flux, electrophysiology, ultrastructure and biomarkers of cardiac injury.

Chronic and acute treatment testing

TARA can maintain its tissues in culture for weeks at a time, allowing for assessment of safety in chronic settings.

Comprehensive in vitro Proarrhythmia Initiative (CiPA)

Assays with Cardiotype tissues have been validated with the CiPA panel, comprised of 28 drugs with known proarrhythmic potential.

Supporting Information

Learn how Cardiotype tissues showcase the physiological effects of different types of drugs.

Cardiotype Safety Data Modules

Learn more about how TARA is solving the human translation problem for cardiac risk assessment.


Cardiotype is TARA’s mature cardiac tissue engineered from induced-pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). It embodies the physiological hallmarks of the human heart and provides a picture of cardiac function, with both healthy and diseased models. Learn how you can get an early read on potential safety liabilities.

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